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Is Pharmacy Career A Good Choice in Malaysia?

When picking a career of choice with the idea of wanting to save people’s lives can be quite challenging to narrow down your selections because of the multiple educational paths that you could choose from. Some people would want to put themselves in harm’s way to save lives while others would want to save lives behind the curtains, like in medicine for example. 

Within the field of medicine, there are many options to choose from, in Malaysia, it is important to know what is more in demand to make a beneficial and optimal choice. Pursuing pharmacy courses is a good choice because it is quite in demand in Malaysia. That should be a good start. 

Saving Lives Through Medicine

If you were to apply to kursus farmasi di malaysia in an institute like Widad University College for example, you could obtain a pharmacy degree. This would give you the opportunity to be a medical specialist which in turn would give you the ability to make a change in people’s lives and healthcare to make them healthier. 

Being able to evaluate factors if someone should take a certain medication, change or alter their lifestyle and even their diet makes you a crucial point on the frontlines of disease prevention along with being an important part in the contribution of the treatments for those very diseases. 

Career Options

Sitting behind a counter and dispensing medication is probably something that people think pharmacists do. In reality, it is a lot more than just that. There are three main areas that could be covered by pharmacists. Those are the community, hospital or clinic, and industrial pharmacy. 

For Community Pharmacists, you provide services like medication reviews in depth, medication therapy management and reconciliation with their clients medically. 

Industrial pharmacists are involved in the creation of medication from scratch. Learning about the plethora of medications and how to combine them to make stronger, different or just effective medication is part of the job as well. 

Closer Ties with The Community

Being a clinically based community pharmacist would be a good choice if you like to interact with people and be hands-on with their treatment or even helping them get started with their treatment. 

Being closer to the community, you will also come to see that people tend to trust a lot in their pharmacists. This would also mean that helping them with any suggestions for prescribed medication along with suggesting a change of lifestyle is a lot easier when you are trusted by the patients. 

Going International

Being a pharmacist, there is no need to worry about going international because people would always need healthcare. Given the requirements and qualifications that are required to be a Pharmacist, you will be a valuable asset anywhere in the world. 


To wrap it up, applying to study to be a pharmacist comes with many long term benefits and a wide range of job opportunities to practice medicine. From being able to create medication to helping the community by changing their lives for their own good, the benefits definitely make the struggle worth it. 

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