Usage of Pre-Insulated Pipes

How to reduce energy use and overhead cost is one of the primary concerns for any plant engineer. One task is to make use of the proper pipe support mechanisms in the plant’s piping system. The incorrect pipe supports can result in expensive expenses, heat loss, corrosion beneath insulation (CUI), and a variety of other problems. By picking an adequate insulated pipe support for your system, these issues can be solved. Pre-insulated pipe supports are a possible solution.

There are several uses of pu pre-insulated pipe malaysia supports, including above-ground piping as well as piping in structures, tunnels, and trenches. They can be created for applications requiring high, low, or even dual temperatures. Pre-insulated supports for high temperatures use structural inserts for weight carrying and clamping capabilities. Different materials and densities are used in low-temperature supports to support the weight of the pipe. For specialised applications at a wide range of service temperatures, composites of various different insulations, such as aerogel blanket, calcium silicate, cellular glass, and closed-cell foam insulation, may be used.

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There are numerous examples of the inefficiency of pipe supports that clamp or weld right to the pipe. For instance, a thermal investigation of a high-temperature pipeline using infrared photography (see Figure 1) revealed that a sizeable quantity of heat was being transported from the pipeline to the uninsulated steel pipe support that was welded to the bottom of the pipe. This resulted in significant heat loss into the pipe rack and the environment, which had an adverse impact on the neighbourhood and inefficiently released BTUs of energy at the pipe support points, impairing the pipeline’s functionality and efficiency.

For optimum effectiveness, pre-insulated pipe supports isolate the pipe from the surrounding structure. Depending on the system service temperature, they provide an immediate thermal break and remove “radiator fin” heat loss or gain. Depending on the pipe’s service temperature, pre-insulated supports act to keep heat in or out of the pipe as needed.

pu pre-insulated pipe malaysia

Another method of pre-insulating a pipeline is to “modularize” the piping system by pre-assembling sections of pipe with insulated supports, insulation, and cladding at an offsite location. This system approach reduces laydown space issues and labour time significantly, resulting in project cost savings. These “piping modules” can be easily installed on the pipeline because all of the piping components are already present. Other advantages include a faster project schedule, safer working conditions at waist-high levels, less scaffolding, and lower overall construction costs.

pu pre-insulated pipe malaysia

In some cases, pre-insulated pipe supports are easier to install than non-insulated supports. Weld-on supports necessitate high labour rates for time-consuming welds, as well as additional quality control inspection time. Trimming the insulation and jacket around the steel ribs of the support can be time-consuming. Meanwhile, pre-insulated pipe supports bolt directly onto the pipe for quick and secure installation. The installation is complete after bolting because the insulation and cladding are part of the entire installed unit. In some cases, the lower labour cost offsets the higher material cost of a pre-insulated pipe support. For more information, click here

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