Health is a priority, what are some ways then?

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Health is something that we always look highly on and there is no doubt about it. There are so many ways as to how to stay healthy it is difficult to know what is best for you. But not to worry because today we are going to talk about some of the most common and it is for everyone. Still, we are only talking about most common and applicable to anyone but you still need to find out about yourself as still the saying goes. Everyone is made different. So some of these tips might work on others and not you, so don’t freak out or feel abnormal if it is not for you! 

Here are some tips then most common for you to stay healthy and happy!

Eat healthy

Eat a combination of food, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and peas and also whole grains. Adults should eat 5 portions or roughly 400g of fruits and vegetables per day to keep a healthy diet. You can also improve your diet just by incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet and that should already do the trick! Remember that fruits should be fresh and vegetables must be fresh and clean. Fun fact, if you fancy it, you can also make Vegetables your snack. Eating healthy will help you with nutrition, reducing risk of malnourishment and also reducing Noncommunicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Just to give you something as a bonus, for diabetec patient. Do not consume too much of high sugar fruits like pears and or mango but have more high fiber fruits and vege. 

Consume less salt and sugar

Of course, in life we cannot go without salt or sugar. it is the flavours of life. But not everything in life, more is always better. But with certainty, consuming moderately is indeed always best. Salt and sugar are no different. Too much and it will damage the body and too less will not be enjoyable. So take it moderately. We all know as Malaysians and even in asian countries our food contains a lot of salt content and drinks a lot of sugar. We should not be conformed by that and we need to control our salt and sugar intake. This will protect you from high blood pressure which results in heart problems as well as sugar that will cause unhealthy weight gain. 

Reduce harmful fats

Fats consumed should be 30% less than the total of energy you take in. This will help to reduce the unhealthy weight gained. We need to reduce saturated fats and intake unsaturated fat which is a little bit more healthy. So reduce on Fast Foods! It is true that Fast Foods in general are unhealthy and it is not because of the ingredients or the processed food but more on the salt and sugar as well as saturated fat content in the foods! Likened to the theory, if bread, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and meat is healthy then why are burgers unhealthy? It’s not the burgers that are unhealthy but the contents other than those listed above. Contents like oil, like deep frying, the amount of salt and sugar they use. Those are the ones that make fast foods unhealthy. Fats that we should consume are examples of fish oil, avocado, sunflower, soybean, canola and olive oils. saturated fats are like fatty meats, butter, palm and coconut oil as well as creams and cheese also it is found in baked or fried foods more often. Hence, the reduction in fast foods. 

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Be active

Being active or having an active lifestyle is something very important and we cannot deny the benefits that it can bring us. When we do exercise something in our body is secreted and it is in the brain. Endorphin. Endorphin is something that is secreted in your brain to give you a sense of joy, happiness, or stimulation. This can be achieved through exercise, doing things that you enjoy, even meeting up with friends having a laugh is also a way to secret endorphin and one more unorthodox method is sexual interaction with of course people that you love and love you. Boyfriend or Girlfriend or spouses. Of course then if you would like to wait until marriage or some conditions then of course self-pleasuring will also allow you to achieve endorphin and that is where Sexual Toys comes to play and if you want to get one then you can check out Secret Cherry adult sex toy Malaysia

There you have it. These are only a few common ways to achieve health. There are a lot more ways that you can achieve health and see which one fits you more. Again I would like to reiterate. Not everything will suit you. There are some things that do not suit you hence you need to find out because as again the saying goes, Everybody is made different. Alright then, go get healthy!

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